Matchstick Union Campfire Beanie Merlot (Maroon)

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Matchstick Union Campfire Beanie Night (Black)

Each beanie comes with two (2) interchangeable patches!

The Matchstick Union is an idea that I'd had for years but took a while to put into action.  The idea was simple; to make interchangeable patches that would be the centrepieces for different clothing items that I thought looked cool.  I started with only hats in mind, but in Finland the hat season is quite short, so then it made sense to provide beanies, as well.  I'd always liked windbreakers, so I figured, why not?  And the more I played with different designs, the more it made sense to make more goods.
Once I started putting pen to paper, it all started to come together quite organically.  The interchangeable patches make it so that you don't have to always go out and buy a new wardrobe every time you feel like having a change, because you can just slap on a new patch and you've got new life to your old favorites, thus making this world more sustainable.
The name Matchstick Union is a slight play on words, in that you can mix and MATCH your favorite pieces, and working together with brands and people I like, we create a UNION of likeminded individuals, creating and doing what we love.  
Welcome to The Matchstick Union!