Bones Wheels STF Retros 99A V2 Locks 53 MM

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Bones Wheels STF Retros 99A V2 Locks erityisesti streetille suunniteltu renkaat. Rullaa hyvin, liukuu kurbia vasten nose ja tale slaideissa sekä hyvä pito flätillä. 

Koko: 53mm 
Kovuus: 99A
Renkaan shape: V2 Locks (tiukempi profiili, suorakulmaisempi mikä jeesaa slide temput paremmin lukkoon

Valmistajan terveiset:

Street Tech Formula®
Bones Street Tech Formula powers the legendary Bones STF wheels that roll fast, grip when you need to and slide when you want to, without flat spotting. STF gives you more control to skate with confidence. Bones STF wheels outperform all other wheels, and because they wear so well, they last several times longer than normal wheels, making STF wheels the best for less. Bones STF wheels are available in the original 103A and the new 99A Easy Streets™ for greater roll, control and softer landings on rougher terrain.

  • size: 53 mm
  • contact patch: 15 mm
  • width: 29 mm
  • durometer: 99A


  • V2 Locks shape
  • straight edge for a better lock-in
  • for skaters who prefer ledge and rail skating
  • Street Tech Formula (STF)
  • superior slides
  • high rebound for speed
  • high flatspot resistance
  • Retros series